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How to use SEO to Boost Website Positions to Gain Traffic?

Once Matt Cutts, head of Google's Web Spam team said, “The best place to hide a dead body is Page Two of Google”. He said that because hardly 0.63% of users bother to navigate to the second page while searching for something on Google.

So, if you want to gain more traffic, you have to win a place on the first page of Google search and for that, you will have to get help from SEO.

SEO to boost website ranking

Now the question is how to use SEO to boost website position, that’s something I’m going to answer here briefly.

What and Why SEO?

I believe you already know about SEO because you are reading this post. In case you don’t, let me tell you that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

As the name explains, these are the tips or series of actions taken to make your website search engine-friendly.

The purpose is to comply with the Google search indexing algorithms to make it believe that your website deserves a better rank in search results.

The better the rank, the more the chunk of traffic your website will get. So if you want more organic traffic, you need SEO strategies. There are different types of SEO strategies that you can use to boost your website position to gain more traffic.

On-Page SEO

Betterment starts from inside, that’s a saying but it applies to SEO as well. If you want to boost your website SEO, you need to improve your website first. On-page SEO is now the most important one because recent updates from Google Search have revealed that it’s giving importance to content quality and authority.

There are various factors that you need to keep in mind while doing on-page SEO of your website. I’ll list down some of these below:

1. Keyword Optimization:

Gone are the days when stuffing keywords in irrelevant content could give you a good rank. Now Google is smart enough to judge whether the content is relevant or not. It can guess if some keyword is added deliberately or naturally. So whatever your target keyword is, you have to use it naturally in your content. Don’t overuse it because any upcoming Google update will detect it and may de-rank your website.

2. Quality Readable Content:

As we know “Content is King” so King must be the favorite of all. It must have all the qualities to be a favorite. If your content is not of good quality, better SEO rank can be achieved in dreams only.

Whatever you post on your website, must of informative, of good quality, and must be in a tone and language that everyone can read and comprehend. Readable content engages the reader, and this dwell time is a great factor to boost SEO ranking.

To make the content readable, you must use easy vocabulary and short sentences. There are readability score checkers like the Hemingway App which can highlight if your content is not readable.

You can use online paraphrasers to make your content easy to read. There are plenty of AI paraphrasing tools that can easily replace complex sentences and words with easier ones to make the content more readable.

3. Freshness and Originality of Content:

Google loves fresh and original content. If you are posting the same old paraphrased versions of already posted content, the better SEO rank is a journey to the next galaxy. The other side of Google’s love for original content is that it hates plagiarized content.

If you have well-optimized and readable content on your website but it is plagiarized, then Google will never rank your website (though there are some rare exceptions to this).

So, whatever you post on your website must be original. Originality is easy to achieve if you research and post fresh content. From fresh we mean something new that users haven’t read before. Let me explain it with an example.

If someone already posted 5 tips to write an essay, and you are also posting the same tips then Google will definitely not be going to give value to your content. But yes if you add novel tips with better explanation and quality, you can easily outrank the other one.

The originality of the content can be checked easily with online plagiarism-checking tools. Most of such tools are free and accurate to a certain extent. You can opt for the best plagiarism checker to assess the originality of your content before posting it on your website.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO was a part of On-Page SEO but now we discuss it separately because there are multiple aspects to be considered. Technical SEO is more concerned about the technical performance of the website. Google considers many factors when assigning some rank to a certain website.

Website loading speed is one such factor that Google values after content quality. If you have quality content but it is taking ages to load, then most probably user will bounce. Your quality content will be useless for the user if the website is slow.

Many online SEO checkers are there that can highlight such technical SEO factors. You can correct all the issues found in the SEO audit by the tools if you want to boost SEO to get more traffic.

Off-Page SEO

Once you feel that your website is SEO ready, you can start marketing. The marketing for better Google rank is Off-Page SEO. It’s all about creating backlinks though Google often seems to negate that. But it gives value to quality backlinks.

By quality backlinks, we mean the backlinks to your website from high-authority relevant websites. The authority of a website is determined by DA and PA which is an integer value from zero to hundred assigned to any website or URL. While creating backlinks to your website, you can use the DAPA checker to know the value of the website.

Apart from DAPA, you must check the relevancy which is given more value by Google. If you create backlinks on a website with high DAPA but with zero relevancy then Google will penalize your website.

The End Note:

If you want to attract tons of organic traffic, you have no solution but SEO. Better SEO strategies can bring you up in search results which can ultimately bring more traffic to your website.

On-page SEO is a good way to start optimizing your website and then resolving technical issues your website will be ready for off-page SEO. Good luck with your SEO journey!

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