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Object Oriented Programming using C++ Training

c plus plus training course

Object-Oriented Programming – OOP using C++ Training

Digital Applications proudly announces the commencement of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) using C-plus plus training course in Khanewal. Learn from introductory to advanced level C++ and sharpen you programming skills. Our team of expert trainers will train the best practices and techniques, which will able you to professionally develop portable, efficient and maintainable applications.

What is Object-Oriented Programming C++?

OOP stands for “Object Oriented Programming”. It refers to ‘objects’ based method of programming, instead of just procedures and functions. These ‘objects’ are categorized into ‘classes’. In ‘Classes’ individual objects are grouped together. Almost all modern programming languages like C/C++, Java and PHP are Object-Oriented. In addition, many older programming languages have object-oriented versions.


Why should you learn C++?

  • C++ has approved as the best language to learn fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming.
  • All concepts of Object-Oriented Programming are applied elaborately in C++ whereas advanced languages use shortcuts.
  • It is almost impossible to learn the concepts of OOPs (Object-Oriented Programming) by reading theory only. If you apply OOPs in practical programs, only then you will be able to grasp the whole concept of OOPs.
  • Once you have learned C++, learning other technologies or languages will become much easier.
  • Once you are done with C++, you will never look back as working in other languages and technologies will become a cakewalk for you. All the modern languages and programming are based upon Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs).


Applications of C++ Language:

Software written in C or C++ is at the heart of almost every IT platform and information system worldwide.  Objective C is the standard language for programming the Apple iOS mobile platform, while both C and C++ continue to be in demand as essential skills for programmers of system-level code. These are the areas where C++ is applied or can be applied:


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1.   Games:

  • C++ Optimizes resource management.
  • C++ programming language is ideal for multiplayer networked games.
  • C++ is extremely fast, therefore provides greater control over hardware. Greater control over hardware is necessity to develop the gaming software.


2.   Graphical User-Interface (GUI) based applications:

  • Famous GUI based applications i.e. Adobe Premiere, Image Reader, Illustrator and Photoshop are largely developed using C++.
  • Famous GUI frameworks i.e. WinAPI, Qt, wxWidgets, JUCE, CEGUI, CEF are all programmed in C++.


3.   Web Browsers:

  • Moreover, famous browsers Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird IE are also built on C++ largely.
  • Many rendering engines like Google have used C++ to build their web browsers (Chrome) for fast speed.


4.   Operating Systems:

  • At the time of developing iOS, Apple developers have used Objective C, which is almost equal to C++. Because Objective C is not a procedural language, it is Object-Oriented Programming language like C++.
  • Furthermore, Operating System called Symbian, which is used on Mobile Phones, has also developed using C++ to some extent.


5.   DBMS and RDBMS

  • DBMS (Data Base Management System) and RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System) are excellent suites to create and manage large databases i.e. MySql is one of the most popular open source DBMS in the world. MySql has been developed using C++. 
  • SQLite is easiest and much portable data base management application. SQLite is written in C plus plus.


6.   Medical, Engineering and Financial Solutions

Several Medical, engineering, financial solutions have been developed using C++, such as

  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines are used extensively in the medical field. These machines use software, which is developed using C++
  • Engineering Applications CAD (Computer Audit Design) and CAM (Computer Audit Manufacturing) have used C++
  • Bloomberg provides real-time financial information to investors. Bloomberg has been developed using C++


Prerequisites for this course:

Basic knowledge of the following is required to attend this training course:

  • Basic Knowledge of Computer as User
  • Basic Knowledge of Mathematics
  • Basic Understanding of English Language
  • No Higher Education or Degree Required
  • No prior knowledge of Programming Required (We will teach from basics to pro level)


What you learn in Digital Applications’ OOP using C++ Course:

In this course, you learn what is object oriented programming using C plus plus from basics to advance level including its applications in the market. We teach, how to sharpen your mind and think analytically to develop logics for efficient way of problem solving using programming language. We also teach how to approach towards website development, mobile applications development, software development, browser applications development and desktop software development after getting skills in cplusplus language.


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We cover all the topics of object oriented programming in c++ from basics to advance. Few is given below:

  • Introduction to Basic Programming
  • Basics of C++ Language
  • Conditional Structures
  • Looping Structures
  • Arrays (1D, 2D & Multi-Dimensional Arrays)
  • Structures, Union & Enumeration
  • Functions (User Defined & Built in Functions)
  • Pointers (Memory Management)
  • Classes and Objects
  • String & File Handling
  • Operator Overloading
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism & Virtual Function
  • Templates (Function & Class Templates)
  • Basics of Data Structures


Course Duration:

This is a 3 Months course with theory, practical & projects. If students do not get all the topics within 3 months, we will extend the duration to 4 months and no extra fee will be charged.

Class Timings:

There are multiple sessions at the same time. There are week days & weekend sessions for both boys and girls. Week day session has 3 days class in a week and 2 hours in a day while weekend session has 2 days class in a week and 3 hours in a day. Timings vary session to session. You better to visit our office or call here: 0343-786 1234 to get the latest information.

Course Fee:

Registration fee for this course is 2,000 PKR and Monthly fee is also 2,000 PKR. If you pay lump sum for a whole course, you will pay only 5,000 PKR for the full course irrespective of duration. There will be special discount for talented, needy and group students.


Trainer Information:

Engr. Ghulam Abbas will be teaching this course. He is currently the CEO of Digital Applications & has a proven background in the field of IT. He has more than 6 years of teaching experience in one of the well renowned national university of Islamabad which is ranked in top 5 according to Higher Education Commission Pakistan. He has taught multiple courses of Engineering, IT, System Programming, Developments & Signal Processing. Digital Applications is ranked in top 1,000 of the world software companies out of 31 Million Companies around the globe under his supervision. He has been the founder & co-founder member of many successful startups. He is also a well renowned consultant for IT based companies and startup projects around the world.


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What will you get?

On completion, the Object-Oriented Programming using C++ training course, you will get a professional certification from Digital Applications. You will be able to boost your career with industry’s most required skillset.

It is a fact that tech world is running on C/C++. Whether we realize it or not, we use C and C++ based devices on daily basis. Another fact of the world is, after English, programming is the language of future. When you learn to program, that means you learn to think in precise and theoretical ways. You will be able to create and write your own applications. So empower yourself with strong programming skills for the betterment of the world and take your life to the next level. Get OOP using C++ certified and set your professional career and income to higher gear!

What is the value of the Digital Applications’ C++ certification?

Digital Applications’ C++ certification is evidence to your employer that you have the expertise essential to fulfill certain duties. In addition, it shows that you have an ability to expand your skills.


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