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Business Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

Digital Applications: A Flourishing Mobile Applications Development Company in Pakistan

Digital Applications is a Mobile Applications Development Company in Pakistan servicing for global brands around the world. We all know, Smartphones and Tablets are most used gadgets today, and to keep up with business’s growing demands for Mobile Application development, all you need are experienced programmers in HTML5, Ionic and Swift. At Digital Applications, we offer prototypes that are clickable and mobile apps ready to deploy for any device. Our experienced development team works under the supervision of highly professional manager that leads your project to success within reasonable budget and time.

Today, various businesses developing direct relations with their clients and customers by driving their business to mobiles. Mobile Applications accelerate your business outreach among masses that makes mobile app inevitable for your business. Mobile apps up rise commerce opportunities for your business with fashionable layouts and helps your users what they want and what you want to deliver exactly. Marketing of mobile apps are easy, one referral leads to million downloads.

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Let us know what are major interests of your business, Digital Applications’ professional Mobile App developers will highlight those interests in a fashionable mobile application using adaptable layout with bug-free code and right placement of action buttons to improve user experience and to suit your business needs. Our experienced developers have sufficient knowledge of how users interact with mobile apps, which helps in planning, development and execution of advanced mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. Our professional mobile app development services come with rewards of market research, create inputs and app development, which really deserves your time and money. Mobile apps developed by Digital Apps ends on real download.


Why do you need a Mobile Application for your business?

Whether you are a Startup, established Enterprise or a Freelancer, Mobile Applications definitely changes the how you perceive your business. Here key points why do you need a Mobile App for your business, but benefits of mobile app are out of numbers.

  • In-house communication becomes easy with mobile app
  • Increase outreach of your business
  • Entice a big chunk of young customers that includes travellers, foodies, shopaholics, learners, game lovers and fitness freaks
  • Mobile apps are best platform to secure and store your data
  • Helps businesses to interact with customers and clients directly
  • Add fun element in your business to entertain new and old users that increases conversion and visits
  • Brings positive changes in socializing
  • Mobile apps are best types of planners, travel guide of for weather forecast

Digital Applications synchronizes functional benefits of mobile apps with your business positioning in mind to plan a successful strategy for mobile app development. Our professional team of mobile developers offers innovative solutions for you intricate problems with high-tech and fashionable mobile app development.

Why to Choose Digital Applications:

Digital Applications makes the process of going from requirements to the development of statement-of-the-art level mobile app so swift:

Web Based Admin

To control the app content dynamically, Digital Applications also develop web based admin panel by which you can update at run time

API Development

We have a dedicated professional team of API developers, by which we synchronize your mobile app data with your website server

Run Time Updates

Using web based APIs, we allow your customers to handle their data at run time either from mobile or website with more flexibility

Push Notifications

We develop a push notification system in your app to allow you to update your customers with upcoming apps or anything you want

Clickable Prototypes

To let you view sample screens and experience navigation, Digital Applications develop mobile design with clickable prototype

Fully Tested Development

Give life to your UI/UX designs; prototypes or wireframes into ready to deploy and fully tested mobile application on multiple devices

Experienced Developers

Get your enterprise level imaginable mobile application coded by a team of world-class experienced developers at most reasonable price

Agile Strategy

We develop using latest agile strategy to plan, track status and timeline of every step of mobile app development project

App Store Optimization

Digital Applications provide you initial app store optimization for your app free of cost. To get better ranking, you need more

Marketing Tools

We integrate different digital marketing tools to allow your users to market and share your app with their friends and family

Timely Delivery

From fixing bugs in code to developing app using latest technologies, we start development within hours, delivers on time

Guaranteed Results

We test developed mobile app in-house for errors, fixes immediately if found any. You pay only for the final product

How does Digital Applications Process Mobile Apps Development?

We take agile strategy of mobile app development:


a. Begins with an idea:

We will brainstorm with you to understand your business objectives and idea. Once clear, will work to improve your idea and organize a comprehensive requirement document.

b. Sketch out:

Sketch out wireframe of every screen design. Mention user interaction and traffic flow with the mobile app to build inclusive plan of complete mobile app project.

c. Design:

Then we design graphics, whole mobile app concept and icons and each and everything including in mobile app design. We outline the design and app’s unique identity elements.

d. Development:

At this stage, we start the development and bringing the iOS or Android application into functional mobile app. This step includes everything from coding to server related elements.

e. App Testing:

After completing the development, app is handed over to our quality assurance team that runs your app on different devices, tests it thoroughly and records each and everything to make sure your app works perfectly.

f. Debug & Revise:

Then we fix bugs if found any and give the final touch. We fix any issues coming out of our testing and give the app the final touch. We repeat this process multiple times to assure the quality of the project.

g. Deployment:

Then your mobile app is submitted to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You do not have to do much rest will handle the app and make you earning.


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Main Area of Expertise

Mobile UI/UX (94%)
94 %
Web Portals for Mobile App (98%)
98 %
Android App Development (98%)
98 %
iOS Development (90%)
90 %
APIs Development (98%)
98 %
App Store Optimization (97%)
97 %



Services and Solutions we offer in Mobile Apps Development:

Digital Application offers Services and Solutions of Mobile App Development to accelerate your business success to the next level.


Android App Development:

Our specialized Android App Developers will build an app for Android Play Store that will stand out in the huge competition of flourishing Android community. Android app helps you to reach your business to the big pool of consumers around the world. Our already developed android apps are ranked above the fold in Google Play Store to gain higher numbers of download.


iOS App Development:

Our experienced developers are known for adaptable and easygoing app development for iOS / iPhone. We will develop full-featured iPhone app for iOS users across the globe. We do its initial App Store Optimization as well to rank your app higher in app store.


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Application Development for Startups:

A big size business empire was started with an idea. We value your idea and help you to bring your idea into the life. We develop, design and launch your mobile app and rationalize the startup business idea into the right path. We also provide mobile app compatibility with website for startups.


Cross-Platform Mobile Applications Development:

Digital Applications build rich user-interface cross-platform mobile applications that are compatible with all platforms to save your time and money. This is not native development but really fruitful to save much energy in launching as startup prototype.


Mobile User Interface:

A Mobile UI is a graphical and usually touch-sensitive display on a digital device, such as smartphone or tablet. This allows the user to interact with the device’s apps, features, content and functions. Digital applications offers solutions for customized and friendly mobile UI design for maximum outreach and user interaction.


Final Briefing:

Digital Applications design mobile app that build interaction, brand loyalty and user engagement. Every business has opportunity to grow more with professionally developed, fully tested, targeted and bug free mobile apps. We build mobile apps for businesses targeting global mobile community and users and utilize their time and money at large.

We are proud Mobile App Development Company in Pakistan that define your commerce needs and offer solutions ranging from website development to mobile application development for any devices. We work in a way that facilitate and gratified at a time.


We have listed frequently asked questions below. Make us a Call Now for further assistance or to get free quotation for Mobile App Development.

Is there a fixed price to develop a Mobile app?

Digital Applications do more than just development. We do our best to deliver you complete mobile app services as per your business objectives and needs. We offer highly customized plans and bespoke products that fit to any budget plan. Contact us to get a free quote according to your exact requirements.

What is maintenance cost of mobile app?

Monthly or yearly maintenance is based on contract between you and Digital Applications. This is good choice to give your mobile care on the go and to keep your mobile app up-to-date.

Can I get any kind of support after the completion of project?

Yes, we are bound to give you support for fixing bugs and minor issues for 30 days after the project has complete and conveyed to you without any additional charges. After that period, you have to buy our paid support and maintenance plan.

Can I look to my mobile app during development process?

Yes, we develop a mobile app with clickable prototype so you can view every screen and recommend your suggestion during the development.

How can I connect with the development team of my app?

Digital Application has its own project management system where you can track the status of your project and connect with development team.

Do you guarantee approval of mobile app on the app store?

Yes, we take care of the verification for the app’s acceptance to the particular app store. We analyze and study thoroughly the practicality of the app in start to affirm that the app obliges all rules and regulations terms of the particular app store.

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